A flux tower in the middle of
mangrove forest in the Everglades


Eddy covariance unit deployed
above mangrove forests


The Penn State University team is addressing two research goals. One goal is to investigate the environmental controls on the carbon balance of the mangrove forests in the Everglades. One key component of the mangrove carbon balance is the net ecosystem exchange (NEE) which is continuously determined using eddy covariance units deployed above the mangrove forests (see Figures). Using the flux tower data, the Penn State investigators collaborate with other team members to estimate the individual components of the mangrove carbon balance (see Carbon Balance Figure). The carbon balance data are used to define the state of the forest so that scientists can determine ecosystem services. The second goal of the project is to perform regional downscaling of climate so that decision-making for south Florida water resources can be evaluated via ecosystem service valuation under current and future climate scenarios.